Christmas Shopping and the Dressing Tips You Need

Christmas Shopping and the Dressing Tips You Need

October 19, 2017

Christmas Clothes for Women


Christmas clothes for women are starting to trend online. You can thank the women constantly fussing over their appearances come Christmas Eve while having dinner with the family. Dressed in their brightest Christmas-themed outfits ever, clothes available online to match this theme ranged from the brightly colored dresses, thick comfy parkas and sweatshirts big enough to get printed with some festive quotes for the season. It’s the most wonderful time of the year indeed.


Not everyone gets to experience a white Christmas, but there is no stopping other folks living in the tropics from celebrating Christmas in the comfort of their homes. Statement t-shirts that describe planned activities for the family dinner to shirts emblazoned with snowmen, reindeer and various versions of Santa Claus are sure to grace the occasion. Ever thought of having some dresses to go with the occasion as well?


Teen Christmas Dresses


Surely, there are teen Christmas dresses out there in the market to match a young girl’s style for the season. As cliché as it may sound, bright red still is at the top of the list when it comes to the kind of color best seen at a holiday dinner. You can blame Santa Claus for turning the little red dress into a seasonal trend for the winter season.


As long as a young woman has an idea which kind of dress to wear for that special dinner with family and friends, then it will not be that hard for her to choose. The conventional Santa Baby red dress is so easy to distinguish from a sea of dresses due to the white furry hems by the skirt matched with a red furry-brimmed hat. But, if you would rather go for the classy look fit for a cocktail party, having your favorite little black dress come in silky, velvety red would be a nice twist on an essential part of a budding fashionista’s wardrobe.


The earliest time that a young woman realizes her penchant for teen Christmas dresses is at a debutante party. Either she is the one celebrating the debut or she’s one of the incredibly dressed teens at that party. Being the center of attention means having the right sequins, embroidery and color to go with the occasion. These are also the kind of girls that would reserve the gowns with the striking colors and sheer hues on Christmas Eve dinner. Because the last look a teen wanted to sport in an occasion outside the Yuletide season is the un-decorated Christmas tree look.


Then again, color will be the highlight of the outfit chosen to fit the holiday theme. Teen Christmas dresses are either ankle-length or knee length, depending on which part of the dress is cinched. A gown cinched just below the bust line would usually go with the knee-length skirt hem. A gown cinched at the waist then goes for the ankle-length skirt hem. A dress cinched at the waist with the knee-length skirt hem seems like getting under-dressed for an otherwise festive occasion. So unless some liberties are allowed in how a gown worn in a Christmas party is worn, then you may go with whatever feels good. It’s your dress. You know which look would suit your body type and personality best.


Holiday Evening Dresses


Looking for a holiday evening dress does not have to mean getting stuck in just shades of red. Christmas is supposed to be colorful. So having other choices like pine green and white in the selection of dresses to wear for that special occasion. Some dress makers have acknowledged the need for less plain designs. No matter how glossy and silky the cloth used on the dresses sold online, if they don’t have the right prints to match the Yuletide season, online buyers might find it easy to ignore them.


Of course, you may avoid the tacky dresses that matches the curtain and the table cloth…and the carpet according to Bridget Jones’ Diary. The mood is festive. So having some dresses cinched at the waist with the reindeer instead of the polo horse on the chest pocket would add an interesting variety to the roster of dresses found in your closet. Having a top printed with a couple of reindeers in front to match the bright green skirt would also work to complete the smart casual look.


Holiday evening dresses are easy to distinguish from each other now. You can go with the conservative holiday evening dress look with the top part being made with silk and lace studded with rhinestones to remind guests of the glittery approach you just brought into this joyous occasion. That top is best paired with a chiffon, free-flowing balloon skirt that gives you a lot of freedom to walk around and show off the silver stilettos worn with that gown. Or you can go straight to wearing glass (like) slippers and don the Cinderella look for that wholesome Christmas Eve dinner.


An ankle-length holiday evening dress works best when you already have an idea about the look you wanted to sport this Yuletide season. And December is already packed with parties that immediately inform you of the dress code to follow and accommodate young women in need of buying a gown to wear for said occasion. And it should not be hard for you to pick between light-hearted and sexy especially once you get the hint about who attends the party. Also, the alcohol that might be served as the party goes late into the evening would also mean an outfit that’s glamorous and comfortable at the same time. Now you understand why some women would go with the balloon skirt look.


Christmas Dress Womens Edition


Now the tricky part about looking for a Christmas dress womens is finding an outfit that is not black. Because the season is supposed to be jolly and bright with most colors in shining, shimmering splendid material complete with the glitz and glamour associated with the Yuletide season. Then again, there are the “formal” parties where you need to look your best and the last piece of clothing you ever wanted to wear at that occasion is one that reminds people of Morticia Adams.


On the other hand, not many people still remember who Morticia Adams is. And women just wanted to look their best at that night where they get a valid excuse to dress up. And the moment you know what you don’t want in a dress, the easier it is for you to know which item to wear for the Christmas Eve dinner. Safest color to pick would definitely be green. Dark, shiny pine green evening dress with the silky sheen vibes emitted by that sitting position by the fireplace gives the Christmas season a whole new glow. And you end up stealing the limelight away effortlessly.


Having the Christmas dress womens edition means having an age-appropriate dress that can at least distinguish you from your daughter, in case you have a teen daughter. Although some moms don’t mind seeing their daughters upstage them in the fashion department, being at pace with the chic aspect of getting dressed for a Yuletide occasion definitely helps. If you are the daughter though and you need to don the womanly look, just don’t overdo with the trimmings and the color to the point that your dress style transcends to the matronly look. When some experts say “dress your age”, dress mature without looking too old for your age.


Christmas Dress Collection


Not everyone gets to assemble a Christmas dress collection in time for December. Although most retailers online have been bracing for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deluge of sales, for everyone well-heeled enough to refill their walk-in closet with the latest evening dress designs, they already have a color scheme in mind. And holiday season makes that color scheme so easy to abide by. Red, green and white evening gowns, anyone?


A Christmas dress collection becomes a must-have for women who like to dress up at parties. December has more than 2 or 3 parties organized between family members, office mates and casual acquaintances that meet at some major corporate event. Wearing the same dress in two different occasions is almost a mortal sin for women who didn’t want to be pilloried for sporting the same look in various events. The safest bet in going with various looks is by adding variety to the colors, shades and trimmings at your gowns worn on different occasions. Some corporate events would go as far as providing a color scheme to follow or a cocktail theme to go with the product being launched, if ever.


Since winter is coming, you expect the anticipating crowd to bend the knee at sight of your majestic gown come Christmas Eve dinner. Maybe not literally. But the glow in their eyes will give you an idea how much they liked that green, off-shoulder gown that fitted the earth-toned theme contrasting the striking red stockings and brightly decorated Christmas tree. Or that shapely evening gown hugging your body’s curves fittingly enough to highlight the sleeves trimmed with patterns that remind you of the leaves of poinsettia. The possibilities to make this wonderful time of the year colorful for your wardrobe are endless.


Sexy Black Christmas


Now in case you really can’t help but still wear something black, sometimes you get away with it if the occasion permits you. This is why some cocktail parties are explicit enough in describing the dress code in the invitation as “sexy black Christmas”. While the trusty little black dress has always been in your closet for “fashion emergencies”, if you have the black halter dress with the plunging neckline and the A-line skirt, then you have a good outfit to wear as the party in the said invitation required.


The trick in getting the sexy black Christmas look is in minimalism. An alabaster complexion suits an off-shoulder gown with a slit on one side of the waist to immediately show off your shapely, newly-waxed legs. A lace shawl is often optional as you can sit by the fireplace to keep yourself warm while enjoying a few shots of martini with your friends and acquaintances. Or you can forego the A-line skirt and go with the mermaid skirt to fully highlight those curvaceous hips to complete the hourglass figure look.


Other outfits end up getting labeled as a little risqué for the occasion. Think of Jennifer Lopez in a lace gown with the embroidered leaves sewn just right where the outfit can cover all the goods. There have been sexy black Christmas versions of such a gown. Some women just went with the color green just because it involved leaf patterns. But once designers shift to black, the embroidery design is no longer limited to leaf patterns. The possibilities are endless with a canvas like black lace to use in positioning the peek-a-boo aspects of the dress needed for that fun and sexy night.


And to be blunt about certain dresses, to paraphrase some satisfied clients of the late great Gianni Versace, they get to wear the ultimate sexy black Christmas dress and think to themselves, “Finally! I’m going to get laid tonight.” (It says a lot about the kind of party they just attended.) Only a few single ladies are willing to admit that since Christmas usually fell on a chilly night and a little action after the party with a few drinks won’t hurt.


So overall, there are several reasons for women like you to get the right holiday evening dress. Because if you are going to party, you better party in style without compromising comfort and the need to mingle with the people who matter. And if you’re going to meet new people who might make a significant memory in your life, you might as well meet them at your best look possible. Happy Holidays!

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