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Why Gone Fashion is a top Women's Clothing Boutique

January 15, 2018

 Women's Clothing Boutique

A women’s clothing boutique worth finding online means finding clothes sold in some e-commerce platform for less. Maybe not always for less. But it did not stop you from clicking that “Buy Now” button to get one for yourself before the dress gets stamped with the “Sold Out” label. Sometimes, it’s the last call deals that really trigger you to pull up that card and enter your payment information on the website. Because nothing can ever stimulate you more than that clock ticking down to zero. So it’s a matter of time which comes first - the time running out or the items running out.


Lyss Loo Clothing is one of the latest women’s clothing boutique stores online taking the e-commerce platform by storm. It has the dresses and clothes that reminded you of what’s lacking in some designs lately - the need to go with no prints on clothes whatsoever. Sure, in a matter of months, you would be needing another spring dress to wear while frolicking by the park with that special someone. But you need something to wear NOW. Something to wear on that weekend to go with your most comfortable crocs and spring fedora hat.


Clothes in fashion tend to reveal trends that evolve into classic clothing must-haves. Like that dress with the holes around the shoulder to keep you cool even if the temperature rises in the tropics. That clothing trend has been going on for more than 6 months now. It might soon be the new little black dress that would be the ultimate go-to outfit when trying to look your best without compromising comfort and style. When both attributes are found in the same dress, you know you have a dress worth keeping for the years to come.


Having a dress that flows freely around your legs is not always the kind of scenario that comes through your head at the thought of the little black dress. It suited more the look of a tunic dress with the cold shoulder drape. Cold shoulder drape is a term that Lyss Loo Clothing has used to describe its roster of clothes with the holes around the shoulder. And this feature is also found in their tunic dresses. While other clothing manufacturers would rather have this cold shoulder drape on dresses cinched around the waist, the same look turned out quite well for tunic dresses sold under the brand name Sun Kissed.


At first it seemed like the tunic dresses under the Sun Kissed brand are available in free size. It must have been the non-constricting manner in which the dress wrapped around the body. But this is more due to the spandex used in the dress. Only 5 percent of the dress is in spandex though regardless of the color. The rest of the 95 percent content in the dress is made up of rayon cloth. Stretchable without having to worry about the fibers sinking to your skin, it is available in S/M and L/XL. The variant shown in the website is S/M. Perfect for women with vital statistics of more or less, 34-23-34.  


Brands for sale online found in the Lyss Loo Clothing website apart from Sun Kissed are Game Changer, Take Me Out, and Hourglass Bodycon. All under the category “Designed by Us”. The names alone give you an idea about how they see these dresses on you and the effects afterwards. They fit more in dating scenarios where you want to look your best and highlight the curves that turn all of the looks on you.


Women Work Apparel

Sometimes the tunic dresses double as a decent top to go with a blazer or jacket and plain-colored leggings. The cold shoulder drape definitely does not fit the corporate look some offices are gunning for. So you either cover it up with your favorite shawl or scarf or you cover it up with your corporate blazer. Lyss Loo Clothing by Gone Fashion has some long coats worth looking into. (They should update the website with jackets and coats plus shawls in their online store.) So basically, this Lyss Loo Clothing by Gone Fashion website has the corporate look right down pat for you.


Women work apparel doesn’t always have to mean “corporate”. If you’ve had a job at some startup company with no need for a dress code, all that is left for you to do is look decent. Nothing to worry about the level of decency in the clothes sold in this store. Exposed skin is often limited to just the shoulder and the arms. The neckline found in most tops and dresses doesn’t even expose the cleavage at all. So you’re rest assured of a nice-looking clothing ensemble with at least one piece of clothing bought in this clothing store online.


Womens clothing have made a killing indeed online whether it’s about the limited edition appeal that comes with that timer. Some shopping sites have found how products seem more desirable the moment that urgency is infused in the selling method. As if that site is making you feel guilty for not purchasing that off shoulder hourglass in time to get all of the items sold out. You have to admit. It works.


Don’t worry. Lyss Loo Clothing doesn’t use a timer … yet. But it doesn’t mean that the stocks of clothing items sold here are not of the limited edition variant. You may have seen some of them elsewhere but it does not carry the guarantee of being available in a different shade. Because your taste in clothing should not be limited to black tops and red skirts. Colors are supposed to be enjoyed without overdoing the shades on a single piece of clothing. Just don’t expect any of the clothes that you planned to buy later to be available on the next day. Does it remind you of certain purchasing decisions in the past that you delayed because you thought it would still be available on the next day? We’ve all been there. Just don’t make it a habit.


Shopping clothes online has become the ultimate alternative to malling. Also, some of the items sold online and stuff you don’t see in malls that often. Or even your (former) favorite women’s clothing boutique. Either that store’s preferences in contemporary dresses has changed, that it failed to keep up with the trend or your own preferences changed. With the ease and comfort that comes with shopping online, you don’t even have to worry if your tank top matched your jeans before deciding to go out with your girl friends and shop the day away.


Although most of the best outfits found in this website are dresses, there are also tops worth looking into when trying to find something to pair with your tattered jeans. Surely, almost any regular t-shirt can look good with the regularly tattered jeans. But if your going with 2 trends in the same #OOTD ensemble, you might as well get that pairing stylish enough to hit the streets. Or you may simply go safe with the stretch, clean cut jeans to go with the cold shoulder draped blouse with the long sleeves.


Clothes store in USA usually have one style in only one color or variant. This leaves other shoppers wondering about purchasing that blouse with the cold shoulder drape even if the color is available only in red. Options about the same style color-wise are immediately resolved in this website. The variety of colors is astounding from regular red, tidy whitey blouse or shades of burgundy or red wine. Even olive green, turquoise and teal get included about the green-hued tops and dresses for you to choose from. Same style, different color. Less risk of being spotted as some girl wearing a cocktail party’s uniform for the the waitresses. If you know what that means.


Gone Fashion, with Lyss Loo, seemed to have more clothes available online for casual days. Not enough inventory is seen as far as corporate blazers go. So this is an ideal website for you to do your shopping online when most of your clothes are for work and there isn’t much for play or leisure. Heck! If you even wanted some underwear-type of onesies, they’re found here. Womens clothing sold in this site really got most of the casual needs covered as it seems like they have chosen to focus first on a certain niche before finally expanding to the corporate clothing.


There’s this style of casual top with the almost balloon-like hem going halfway down your bum. Too short to be deemed a mini skirt but too long to be labeled a casual top. It’s like a cross between a tunic and a blouse. The fusion is amazing. Before you call the design found around the shoulders as cold shoulder drape, you realize how this could have been a sleeveless blouse with the flowy hem if not for the long, stretch sleeves sewn on the sides where the armpit could possibly be covered.


You realize how shopping clothes online would lead you to even more creative ways to expose the shoulders without revealing too much skin. Not that you’re being a little prude or anything. It’s just that sometimes you need the long sleeved top but still wanted to feel cool. You then realize what made the open-shouldered blouse a practical trend. You can still wear long-sleeved tops and still feel cool just by exposing skin around the shoulders. You’ll never realize how sensitive your shoulders are to the cold breeze until you start wearing this type of tops on an almost daily basis.


Long sleeves create an illusion of corporate wear by finding a creative way to cover the skin by the shoulders. Gone Fashion with Lyss Loo Clothing is expanding their inventory of jackets and tops. But they also need to add more shawls to their inventory so some shoulders can be covered while in a corporate setting and make them “appropriate” in the workplace. Just a suggestion though. It would add versatility to the clothing line offered in this womens clothing store online.


The onesie thongs look cute. They might remind you of some nighties worn during bedtime when the weather is a little too humid for that pair of pajamas. There’s the laidback onesie thong in a shade of taupe worth wearing when you’re just trying the feel of the fabric on your skin while lulling yourself to sleep. There’s the faded navy blue - almost like indigo even - onesie thong that looked a little like the one piece swim suits worn in Olympic games.


Then there’s the onesie thong in black. The jet black approach to the way that onesie is presented on the website can get the night erotic in no time. Whether you’re just playing it coy with your lover on that night that you decided to do “it” again or just feel like playing a little seductive, go with black. If ever there is one color out there in lingerie that makes it seem effortless to be seductive, playful and innocent at the same time, it’s black. It’s almost like the best alternative to lace nighties when you’re still hesitant to take it all off before your guy. Not a bad thing. Your man will definitely enjoy the coy approach to foreplay.


An online store for clothing that has decided to cater to the free-going crowd first is a safe bet for a relatively new website, it seems. Then again, there’s this batch of clothes with decent material and wide range of choices in terms of color that really deserved to get the word around. They are put out there for the rest of the online shoppers to view and buy while supplies last. Sometimes, you don’t need complex fabric combinations just to come up with a killer ensemble of an #OOTD contribution to social media today. Just wear something that feels comfortable, light and stylish at the same time. The roster of clothes found here at Gone Fashion would definitely make that series of purchasing decisions for you. Happy shopping.


Gone Fashion

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